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Russian Pyramid Snooker Tables
   All 11' & 12' tables have 8 legs      
     All 7', 8', 9', 10' tables have 6 legs

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Balls: 68mm with tight pockets for professional play.
Cues: 2-piece; (158-162cm, 730 grams), (62"-65", 24oz-25oz)
                                                           (58", 27oz) ~ perfect for 9' & 10' tables


Used on Professional Russian Tournaments World Wide!

There is no better table than Embassy and it is known world wide for being the best in billiards!  This is a flagship of our "Classic Collection" billiard tables. Here you will find the best of the best that billiard table manufacturers can offer for those folks in need for extremely high quality game room tables. The frame itself is built from material that is extremely heavy, resistant to any climate change, such as moisture, temperature changes, vibrations, etc. and will prevent the table from natural age wear and tear (cracks in wood, discoloration, lost level edge) that most tables on the market experience over time. Table rails are covered with a clear coat of high resistance sealer to prevent any kind of scratches, burns or nicks that are common on the top part of the billiard tables. Cushions are K-66 profile that guarantees consistent response to any ball that strikes them. The playing surface is made of Italian slate, considered the best slate to use because it absorbs water better than any other type. This means that there are few problems with dampness or humidity. To top it off, we used world renowned IWAN SIMONIS cloth, chosen virtually all major pool tournaments and championships worldwide, to cover our tables which will guarantee you absolutely the best accuracy of ball movement.  Standard Certified size balls for these tables are 68mm in diameter.

We are proud to say that because of their extremely high quality and looks, this particular model has been chosen as an official billiard table of the World Championship for the Russian Pyramid. Aside from it being a great honor, this also shows to our clients that we go to great lengths in order to assure the quality of our products.

Sizes Available:

Balls: 68mm with tight pockets for professional play.
Cues: 2-piece; (158-162cm, 730 grams), (62"-65", 24oz-25oz)
                                                           (58", 27oz) ~ perfect for 9' & 10' tables

Game:  Russian Pyramid, Snooker


Established in 1991 to produce European snooker tables, and Russian pyramid tables, with over 40 employees with an abundance of expertise in the pool table making business. The newly built facility utilizes the latest technologies and the finest high quality materials  in the world. The majority of tables are used in Russia's finest pool parlors as well as the markets of Greece, Germany, Estonia, and Latvia.

The timber used in making these tables are selected high mountain Russian Oaks and Maples, renowned in its strength and beautiful finish.
The tables themselves are built using hardened wooden frames and hefty thick solid legs to ensure accuracy and durability on the playing surface.  Laminates are made with a mixture of the same wood shavings and a secret polypuerene.  The fabric covering the tables is made by renowned European facilities Gorina, Ivan, and Simonis, .

All Embassy pool tables are built to the Russian Pyramid Standard, and conform to all the technical specifications and requirements set forth by both the European and Russian Billiard Federations.

SERGEJ JERMAKOV is the absolute World Champion of Russian Pyramid from Lithuania, he is a world vice - champion of Moscow pyramid 1998:
What does he have to say about our tables?, "It is a professional table, satisfying the highest requirements of Pyramid tables!"



Our tables are outstanding and played in tournaments around the world and particularly in Russia.
These Russian Pyramid Snooker Tables boast pockets that are designed tight and to just fit a
!68mm ball size just like professionals and tournaments use.



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