Craftsmanship of Genertion Russian Pyramid Billiard Tables:

1″ Brazilian Slate ~ Diamond Honed Matched:
The most popular and best pool table slate in the world!

Solid Wood Body Construction:
Frame, rails, legs, and corners all made from SOLID HARDWOOD.

K66 Tournament Cushions:
Sanctioned Cushions are top of the line and used in most BCA tournaments, and are rated for the same bounce for 40,000 hours of pool play, you won’t have to worry about ever wearing these out! Tournament Grade rubber bumpers, Industry standard and the best on the market!

Titan Championship Fabric.(used in professional tournaments worldwide)
21oz – standard for all tables and most popular by home owners, 99% of our tables go out with 21 oz felt.
19oz and 20oz faster clothe also available for $150.00 & $100.00 respectively, not recommended for your recreational players.

Quality One of a Kind Pool Tables:
Our craftsmen have extensive and proven construction techniques and exquisite craftsmanship, we take great pride in tables handcrafted with expert accuracy and loving care. Custom time-tested proven modern and old-fashioned construction techniques in order to create that perfect pool table. These unique pieces are built tough and are as reliable as tables from yesteryear but with the flair of style of the future. We are not a production company and proud of it!

We have BCA certified installers in all 50 states, so professional installation can be done where ever you live, and if you already have an installer in mind we are more than happy to work with them as well.

Entities that buy from us:
Property owners or renters, Hotels, Major TV Networks, Design Firms, Athletes, Doctors, Military Branches, Vacation Homes, Church Camps, and Museums have all bought from us.

Due to the one of a kind distinct hand-craftsmanship put into each and every pool table please have patience and expect a minimum of 3-4 weeks for a
table of this quality and grandeur to be made. Some tables may be in stock, please call 402.438.4398

Contact us today for the Russian Pyramid Billiard Table of your dreams!