Table Sizes of Russian pyramid pool tables:

Table: even though sizes vary – including: 3.5 × 7 feet (198 × 99 cm); 4 × 8 ft (224 × 112 cm); 4.5 × 9 ft (254 × 127 cm); up to 6 × 12 ft (356 × 178 cm) [1] – the official tournament size is the 12 ft model, the same size preferred for snooker, but much larger than a pool table (7 ft and 9 ft being the most common sizes for that style of game).

Balls: there are sixteen balls, as in pool, but fifteen are white and numbered, and the cue ball is usually red. They are larger and heavier than Western billiard balls; the official tournament sizes (depending upon table size) are 68 mm (211⁄16 in). Smaller 60.3 (22⁄5 in) balls are available for the smaller table sizes, for amateur play.

Pockets: the corner pockets are only 4–5 mm wider than the diameter of the ball. The central pockets 14–18 mm wider than the diameter of the ball. This makes the game’s mechanics like an oversized version of snooker, requiring greater precision to pocket a ball than in pool.